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So this is quite an interesting article and reminded me of one I’d read before, here, which referred to flatting and trapping and BPelts plug-in. All of which meant nothing to me as I have no understanding of digital colouring and layering at all.

But I digress. What I liked was; first of all – that someone had gone to the bother of finding out about this guy; secondly I love the whole pragmatic sounding approach that this guys takes from how he made it free simply because he couldn’t be bothered to put the effort into charging for it, to how he created it after a comic artist reached out to him for help.

Just an interesting little corner of comics not often seen.

Also funny because it falls really in line with something I was thinking about thanx to Tom Spurgeon’s recent post about better journalism about comics. (I replied in my typical rambling manner here along with many others making some very valid points.) I think that this naturally fits with his desire to see comics discussed for a more general audience in a way that still talks about something other than plot points or writers moving.

Anyway. Just a thought.

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